NEWS! APPLY FOR a deskspace at HAWAII.

We are opening up for more deskspaces from may 15th 2018 and invite new people to join the environment of hardworking creatives in one of the historical spaces of Copenhagen: Hawaii Bio. We will evaluate applications as they are received. For inquiries pop by or call Cecilia, 31131768.

Prices: Fixed table 2500 dkk ex. moms pr. month private table, keys, full usage of facilities at all times. Flex table 1000 dkk. ex. moms. pr. month, 3 days a week.

APPLICATION FORM. Write a bit about yourself and your work/project and why you would like to be part of the Hawaii creative collective. Send it to info@hawaii-bio.com and Cecilia will reply.

HAWAII is a creative workspace, salon and small boutique.

THE CREATIVE WORKSPACE houses a collective of people working within a wide variety of disciplines. We are graphic designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, art directors, writers and a bookbinder and printmaker - all under the same roof.

THE SALON hosts a large scope of events throughout the year. We set up our own workshops in risoprinting, typesetting, papermarbling and bookbinding. You can also rent Hawaii for pop-ups, workshops and events such as exhibitions, talks, readings, performances, private dinners and more.

THE BOUTIQUE is a sensuous experience for the graphic crafts lovers. We sell one-of-the kind artworks, books, prints, paper goods, magazines and ceramics. The boutique both presents the work of our in-house creatives, as well as the work of international artists and designers.

All in all HAWAII is an open transformative space for the ones wishing to explore, exchange knowledge and work.

The creative collective

Anne-Sophie Bak Rosenvinge, photographer and graphic designer https://www.asrosenvinge.com

Trine Natskår, Graphic designer and illustrator www.trinetrine.no

Francois Botha, Strategy & Innovation Consultant andsimple.co/

Marie Kølbæk Iversen, artist mariekoelbaek.com

Gudlín Gná Ingvarsdóttir, Senior Optometrist & Entreprenuer.

Kirstine Autzen, artist kirstineautzen.dk

Louise Hold Sidenius, Graphic designer & bookmaker officin.com

Lars Just, Photojournalist larsjust.dk

Cecilia Sairanen, Kaospilot and Hawaii Hostress.

Get in touch with HAWAII

HAWAII Vesterbrogade 75
1620 København/Copenhagen

Our email is:

Phone: +45 31131768 (Cecilia Sairanen)